XZ data compression

The XZ projects were moved to their own website on xz.tukaani.org in January 2024 and back here in their original location in April 2024. The xz.tukaani.org links don’t work anymore.

XZ Utils

Library and command line tools to handle .xz and .lzma files

XZ Embedded

Size-optimized decompressor

XZ for Java

Java implementation of the .xz and .lzma formats and raw streams

The .xz file format specification

The current and old versions

XZ mailing lists

xz-announce for XZ Utils and XZ for Java release announcements and xz-devel for discussion about any of the XZ projects.

Other projects


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Archived projects

These projects are no longer relevant but there might be something interesting for those who are curious about history.

Git repositories

Tukaani on GitHub

The primary git repositories and released packages of the XZ projects are on GitHub. Constructive comments in issues and pull requests are welcome from anyone; one doesn’t need to be an existing contributor!


Here are mirrors of the git repositories (with some delay) and also repositories of a few archived projects which aren’t on GitHub.


Contact information

Email, IRC, GitHub

Tukaani artwork

A few versions of the Tukaani logo and the copyright information

Tukaani developers

List of the current and past members of the Tukaani project