Class XZ


public class XZ
extends Object
XZ constants.
  • Field Details


      public static final byte[] HEADER_MAGIC
      XZ Header Magic Bytes begin a XZ file. This can be useful to detect XZ compressed data.

      public static final int CHECK_NONE
      Integrity check ID indicating that no integrity check is calculated.

      Omitting the integrity check is strongly discouraged except when the integrity of the data will be verified by other means anyway, and calculating the check twice would be useless.

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      Constant Field Values
    • CHECK_CRC32

      public static final int CHECK_CRC32
      Integrity check ID for CRC32.
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      Constant Field Values
    • CHECK_CRC64

      public static final int CHECK_CRC64
      Integrity check ID for CRC64.
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      Constant Field Values
    • CHECK_SHA256

      public static final int CHECK_SHA256
      Integrity check ID for SHA-256.
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      Constant Field Values