Class CloseIgnoringInputStream

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable

public class CloseIgnoringInputStream
extends FilterInputStream
An InputStream wrapper whose close() does nothing. This is useful with raw decompressors if you want to call close() to release memory allocated from an ArrayCache but don't want to close the underlying InputStream. For example:
 InputStream rawdec = new LZMA2InputStream(
         new CloseIgnoringInputStream(myInputStream),
         myDictSize, null, myArrayCache);
 rawdec.close(); // This doesn't close myInputStream.

With XZInputStream, SingleXZInputStream, and SeekableXZInputStream you can use their close(boolean) method to avoid closing the underlying InputStream; with those classes CloseIgnoringInputStream isn't needed.

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    • CloseIgnoringInputStream

      public CloseIgnoringInputStream​(InputStream in)
      Creates a new CloseIgnoringInputStream.
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