tukbuild is a tool for building packages for Slackware and some Slackware-based distributions. tukbuild is no longer developed, but it should still work as is on recent Slackware versions.

tukbuild was written, because the traditional SlackBuild scripts duplicate commonly needed things like stripping binaries into every SlackBuild, which make things more cumbersome and more prone to errors. TukBuild files use shared functions from the tukbuild tool, so the actual build script files contain only the package-specific definitions and commands.

Some features:


tukbuild version 2.39

There is no documentation other than the comments in the tukbuild tool, which are worth reading when learning to use tukbuild. There are also a couple of example files left from the days of the Tukaani distribution, which should give you a good idea of the basics of TukBuild files.